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How to Recycle Knitting Needles into Bangles

I used to knit a lot. That was before I discovered jewelry making.  Those needles have become my wire work mandrels.  But if you don't have a use for knitting needles any more, consider recycling them into bangles.

The hot water technique for plastic ones is the same as for making tooth brush bangles.  The tutorial by Jess over at Time for Tea describes how to tackle plastic as well as metal knitting needles.

As you can see, different colored ones worn simultaneously is delightful.  You could also add some wire wrapped beads to the metal ones.

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  1. Pearl - I did the same thing in February 2013. Great minds think alike.

  2. Wonderful! Great minds do indeed think alike. I had not realized how pretty some of the colors of needles are!


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