Peyote is such a versatile stitch. Here are 2 jewelry tutorials which feature just this stitch. These simple designs are not embellished in any way which allows the evenness of the finished pieces to shine.  Mixing colors either irregularly or in a color wash fashion are both effective. 

Jodie Marshall shared her bracelet cuff tutorial which features a gorgeous strip of her 3 drop peyote bead work  - you can see what I mean  in the first picture of her tutorial which displays the flat beaded strip.  I really love how the colors blended into each other.  She also did a good job in explaining how she made her leather lined cuff.

The seed bead peyote ring tutorial over on Art Beads is also a simple but lovely one. These are quick to make and beautiful to wear.  It is important to use Delicas to get that absolute evenness.


Brenda, a friend of my friend Debbie back in Halifax made this peyote ring.  I like how she used bands of color. 

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