Crafters are resourceful and perhaps very environmentally conscious.  Some are adept enough to go after all sorts of household wire for jewelry making.  Even if you are the kind who prefers precious metals, recycled wire makes for good practice wire.

Wilma over at the Perpetual Art and Craft blog showed what a computer lan cable looks like if you take it apart.  She made use of the multi-colored covered wire to wrap around the hoops.  She also applied the same idea to bracelets. Check out her tutorial for this lan cable bangle :

Wilma also recycled the spiral wire book binders.  Her tutorial shows how to make an informal, loosely wrapped bracelet from the curly wire.

Using covered wire helps people who like metal but cannot wear it.   Check out the awesome recycled wire ring tutorial in the first link below.

Some people also strip the wire coverings to get to the bare metal inside. It's often copper!

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