The colorful bead work of New York based Suzanne Golden showcases her love for wearable art. The bold colors including neon shades really make her creations pop!  She says, "I use vibrant, colorful beads to express my artistic ability, which comes to fruition in bold, playful jewelry, electrified by the primary colors I love."

Tipping Crown : Rick Rack Peyote Technique by Jean Power. Designed by Suzanne Power
Suzanne has always beaded and has never worked in another medium. She says, "I’m passionate about creating wearable art. Beading allows me to take my creative ideas and combine them with my love of fashion." 

Neon Bracelet with Spikes
She adds, "Color is my biggest influence. I see everything in the world, from people to nature in terms of color and it inspires me to create." 

Ring around the Daisy : Tubular, Spiral Peyote

A skilled bead artist, she clearly pushes the boundaries of this art form by coming up with different shapes using bead stitches in new ways. Who would have thought netting would look so good in bracelets?

Orange Spiral : spiral netting
Suzanne's distinctive style has not gone unnoticed as she has been featured in many publications. 

Square Bracelets : Right angle weave
Photography by Robert Diamante.

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