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June Smart Bracelet Helps Prevent Sun Damage

UV sensitive jewelry is not a new idea but it is a great one.  These help remind wearers to either get out of the sun or slap on some sun screen with the increased exposure.  Sun damage increases the risk of skin cancer . It also accelerates skin aging.  Who wants to look wrinkled before your time?

The simplest way to make inexpensive UV sensitive jewelry is to use UV sensitive beads like these designs.  I also wrote about the UV Sunsense wristbands a while ago. Both are very simple solutions which don't really measure individual vulnerability to excessive sun exposure.

Moving on to the age of wearable tech jewelry,  the new JUNE smart bracelet from Netatmo also helps you keep track of how much sun you've been exposed too.  It can monitor UV intensity and track your daily habits. The associated app even calculates your maximum exposure for your specific skin type and sends you notifications so you can take action to prevent sun damage.

The modern and stylish design is by French jewelry designer, Camille Toupet who has collaborated with top jewelers such as Cartier and Winston. Definitely a feminine look unlike many unattractive and ungainly health bracelets and smartwatches. The faceted "jewel" comes in 3 colors - platinum, gold or gunmetal.

The $99 June bracelet was recently introduced at the 2014 International CES show in Las Vegas. It will be available later this year at various retail outlets.


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  1. I have sun allergy and appreciate that someone has thought about people like me. What I like more is that the accessories are not only beneficial but also very beautiful :)

  2. I so agree with you- things can be both useful and lovely!!

  3. What a great idea! I am a redhead who doens't burn so I tend to overdo my sun exposure. Getting a text telling to watch out would be perfect.

  4. Yes, redheads are far more susceptible so do be careful, Shaiha!


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