Jennifer Loiselle was born in Hong Kong, raised in Australia and now lives in the UK.  She's lived in many other places.  Her path to jewelry making also meandered.  She started off as a stylist and journalist and even trained in shoemaking.  Her jewelry making journey began 4 years ago when she made hair jewelry for herself while pregnant with her first child.  She quipped, "Pretty much the only thing that wasn’t growing was my head!"

Her current statement jewelry collection features bold laser cut perspex pieces carefully embellished with glitter, hematite cabochon and Swarovski crystals.  Jennifer explains, "I do use a laser cutting service, but everything is designed then hand assembled by myself. I'd love to invest in a laser cutting machine at some point, but we'll see!"

Her distinctive style has not only caught the attention of the media but has also led to an ongoing collaboration with Refinery 29.  The design in question in her blue eye drop earrings below.  I also loved her funky hand and lips designs.

My favorites though were the pieces from her Stellar collection.  This celestial collar necklace is amazing!

As well as her Solaris earrings :

You can purchase her jewelry in her Etsy store. Check out this 2011 interview for more on Jennifer.

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