The most common way I see chain being used in earrings is either in a dangle or as tassels.  But there are other clever ways to incorporate chain into earring designs.  Just make sure you choose smaller linked chains.  The first five inspirational tutorials are from Prima Bead (update : the links from this site no longer work but the images should inspire).

Gold Leaf Chain 
 My favorite has to be the Gold Leaf Chain Earrings shown above.  Somewhat fiddly to do but it is spectacular!

Summer Breeze Earrings 
The Summer Breeze earrings is the statement design version of single chain dangles.  I like how the chain lengths and crystal colors varied. I'm thinking ombre maybe?

Swagging chains is yet another approach especially with multiple loop findings.

Chain Swag Earrings 
Autumn Jubilee Earrings 

Champagne and Smoke Earrings 
Last but not least is this funky chain wrapped earring tutorial by reader Rosantia over on her blog, Bairozan.

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