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Remember the toggle clasp pendants I post earlier this week?  A reader wanted to know how the clasp stayed put.  So here is the quick and easy tutorial with the itemized material list from Prima Bead  as requested by the company.  Note I only had closed jump rings from my Prima stash so I had to cut them. Use open rings if you can and save the closed ones for other uses.

Toggle Surprise Pendant
# 34719181  Cabochon Toggle Clasp
# 2950576  Stainless Steel Slide a Bead Chain
# 29505167 Stainless Steel Head Pins
# 34716133 4 mm Mirror Glass Beads, silver-clear 1 pk

# 7722103 6 mm Crystazzi Bicone Glass Beads, rosaline, 1 pk
# 34741028 8 mm Twist Mirror Glass Beads,rainbow,  1 pk
# 2950542 6mm Stainless Steel Jump Rings, closed, 1 pk

Tools Needed
Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Strong flush cutters

Techniques to Know
How to open and close jump rings
How to make wire loops

1. Make a long dangles with the head pins using the crystals as shown.  Make a loop at the top of the dangles and trim the wire ends with the cutters.
2. Make 2 shorter dangles with the heads pins again as shown.  Also complete loops at the top of these dangles.
3.  Opening the loops sideways, attach the dangles onto the "handle" of the toggle clasp with the longer dangle in the middle.
4.  Use the cutters to cut 4 jump rings so they become open jump rings. 
5.  Using the chain and round nose pliers, open a jump ring and connect the "handle" of the main part of the toggle to the bar.  It should sit to the left of the bar's loop. Close the jump ring.
6. Repeat so the next jump ring connects the main toggle to the left of the bar's loop.
7. Attach 2 jump rings to the bar's loop so they become bails for the chain.
8. Add the chain to the pendant.

Before You Go:
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  1. great...thanks for answering my ques

  2. Fab fab fab. It would be a waste to hide the clasp around back of someone's neck - you really made a gorgeous piece. Love eet!

  3. Great tips, thank you for the tutorial! The clasp deserved to become a focal :)

  4. Beautiful,gave me a great idea as to use some extra beads I have.Thank you

  5. What a great tutorial! I pinned it so that others can enjoy it.

  6. Been AWOL for ages and am trying to play the hopeless game of "catch-up". :)

    Love the idea of using the ring and toggle clasps for pendants. This one is constructed a little differently than the other and I love the idea of adding the pretty, little dangles to the ring. Makes it look as though it was always meant to be that way.

    I certainly agree with Michelle L - it is indeed far too pretty a clasp to hide at the back of a necklace.

  7. Thanks Shaiha for sharing!

    Missed you, Almost Precious!! Glad to have you back.


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