Toggle clasps are often attractive.  Why not make a pendant out of them with some simple and quick wire work? It will be a distinctive and unique design.  Stylish too.

You'll need 22 or 20G dead soft wire and a toggle clasp set.  I used 20G. Cut about 10 inches of wire. Leave an upright tail about 4 inches on the left of the bar and hook up the loop of the main part of the clasp.

Wrap the working end of the wire to the right of the bar's loop :

Bring the working wire back to the front by poking it out of the lower loop, from the back:

Guide the working wire towards the back to the left of the bar's loop, and then poke to the front again through the bottom loop.

There are now two wraps on either side of the bar's loop :

Now take the working wire and push it through the top loop from front to back :

Straighten the two wire ends with a nylon jawed pliers:

Grasp the wires with the large bail forming pliers (smaller jaw to the front).  If you do not have this tool, a marker pen will also work.

Bend the wires to the front and down :

Take each wire end and poke them through the top loop while still keeping hold on the pliers :

Gently pull the wires taut towards the back to regain their shape around the plier jaws.

Bring the wires to the front and twist them together 1-2 times.  

Trim the wire ends to a suitable length for eg 1 or 1 1/2 inches, depending on how large you like the scrolled sections to be.

Make a small loop at the end of each wire with a round nose pliers.  Then scroll them using either the nylon jawed pliers or chain nose pliers.  And you're done!

The toggle clasp and wire were courtesy of Prima Bead.

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