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Great Sun Inspired Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial

I've come across some great sun inspired wire wrapped pendant tutorials.  But this one by Natalie Sorensen on Snapguide is clever because of its innovative construction.  It's done with 20G and is a very forgiving design - i.e. it will suit beginners just fine!

Snapguide is a pictorial sharing site made easy with the rising use of smartphone photography.  Once you get to Natalie's pictorial, just click on the arrows going forward (or back if you wish to review the steps again)

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  1. Hi! These are stunning. I hope its okay to ask a basic beading question here....I have a hard time with small beads (I'm thinking 11/0 here). I can see the holes and all, I just feel clumsy handling them... and so I'm very hesistant to try beadweaving where many patterns call for 15/0. Any suggestions on handling the tiny beads? Or is there a way to adapt patterns for larger beads?

  2. There is an easy way. Keep your beads in a small container, then randomly poke with your needle. Small beads "magically" gather on your needle without you having to see any holes at all!

    Count them on the needle by feel and invest in a small craft magnifying glass (either table top or hung like a necklace against the chest) to help.

    Hope this helps!


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