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It's been over a year since my big move and I still haven't worked out where to teach locally!  But thanks to the internet, I have been and will be teaching internationally through my blog and with full length tutorials in Etsy.   So here is my first effort in the latter category - a humble beginning in a planned series of Toolerrific Tutorials.  Why Toolerrific?  That's because some of my most favorite tools are terrific and inexpensive!  

PDF Tutorial using the Wire Worker

I've received a number of requests for tutorials of some of my designs over the years.  While this first one for a coiled wire frame pendant is not the most requested by a long shot, I thought it was a good start. It can be adapted to round and other irregular shapes not just a heart*.   The coiled wire frame gives a strong definition to thicker (not flat) pieces.  I sold a round sterling silver version some time back which framed a round cross stone gemstone.

Andalusite (Chiastolite) Cross Stone Pendant
It is relatively easy although beginners might find it tricky which is why I worked up to 59 pictures in all including the final "beauty" shots!  There is a twist -  heart is partially tension set within the coiled wire frame.

The main objective of this tutorial is to learn how to use a round mandrel of the Wire Worker by Artistic Wire in a creative fashion.  The tutorial not only shows how to make the coil but also how to create the wire bail as well. There are handy tips too for those who think they need more than 2 hands!

 I do not have any association with the manufacturer nor do I sell it. The tool can be purchased from some jewelry suppliers like Art Beads for about $12.

This plastic and metal set is very versatile and is my absolute favorite coiling tool set. Yes, I have others! You can create quite amazing designs with the mandrels.  I hope to move on to the twisted wire coil design tutorials which many would definitely like! Here is an example I am considering :

* I don't usually sell supplies but if you want to purchase some perhaps hard to get but gorgeous crystal hearts (about 1 " x 3/4") I do have some surplus I could sell in black, metallic purple, topaz and clear (this one is larger).  Just email me.

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  1. Wow! I came to the comments to see if others had made any mention about your move and there is nothing! Ah well. Let this be a personal between you and me then Pearl. I had always thought you were still on the east coast for quite some time until I clued in one day when I was reading about the Grand Bend Society? Is that it? My memory plays tricks on me some times. Anyway - it was close enough to Guelph where I was born that it rang a bell and I realized you had moved! Suddenly it didn't feel like I was sending my comments from one end of Canada to the other- now it only feels like half way!

    Now - what a great tutorial for you to start out offering. I look forward to all the others as well. Isn't jewelry making just so much fun!

  2. Looks like a gorgeous tutorial, Pearl! Love the heart version, and the coiling tool is something I would like to try, have never used one. Congratulations for getting it competed (with a zillion pics!) and up in yr shop.

  3. Thanks so much for your supportive comments. They are much appreciated given this is my first one.

    Aims - yes I am a member of the Grand River Bead Society which serves people in the Waterloo- Kitchener-Cambridge and Guelph area.

  4. Great name for those tutorials! And good luck!

  5. bonjour Pearl,

    j aime beaucoup ce tuto, je debute dans les bijoux en fil aluminium, je suis Française, difficile de trouver des tutos en fil alu et surtout jolis, si vous avez des tutos de bijoux en fil aluminium je les veux bien,merci

  6. Vous pouvez utiliser du fil d'aluminium avec des tutoriels de fil. Mais becareful avec de l'aluminium, car il est fragile. Si vous manipulez un lot, il peut se casser. Vous êtes également très limité avec ce que vous pouvez obtenir en aluminium. Je ne pense pas que vous pouvez obtenir mince fil pour l'emballage. Je vous invite à chercher sur Internet pour les fournisseurs de bijoux artisanaux. Fil de cuivre revêtu conviendra aux débutants.

    (via Google Translate)


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