Fabric rosettes do make lovely jewelry.  But Switzerland based Claudia Stern takes floral textile designs to new heights!  She originally trained as a graphic designer in her native Peru but the 2D art form did not satisfy her creativity so she studied jewelry design at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, Italy.

As you can see, she revels in being able to design in 3D.  Her lovely and colorful designs are akin to sculptural art as she uses swirls of intertwining thick cotton grosgrain.  Check out her Etsy store called Clireu.  Her metal work is simply gorgeous.

Another wonder artist in the floral category is Claudia Chinea of NerveTonicUK. She said "I learned to observe in a much closer way. To draw first, and then to move on to the material. My mind opened up. I was able to use all the material I wanted with a concept and method of work. That's how my first collection of jewels, made out of fabric, with much color and texture, begins."

 Her work using polymer clay is exquisite. Still floral in theme but oh, so pretty.

She also makes fabulous floral handbags to die for!

Both Claudias are multi- talented!  Check out her Facebook Page, Nerve Tonic, for many more designs.


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