Riveting is one awesome technique to do.  That's because you can join components together without heat.  So if you dislike or don't have the space to accommodate soldering, then this cold connection method is for you.  It might be "cold" but it is a hot, as in trendy, technique lately.

There are different types of rivets and eyelets - check out this excellent article from the Rings and Things blog. Compression rivets are easy to do but you have to make sure you strike when the rivet is perfectly straight. You can also make your own rivets from wire or tiny metal tubes but it takes some skill and practice to saw and to gently hammer to flare out the rivets.

Some kind of hole puncher and hammering are required with traditional riveting. So the Crafted Findings tool sounded intriguing when I first came across it in yesterday's book review.  It doesn't use hammering but compression screws to pierce and set rivets.  I've always wanted to rivet components such as lucite or glass which may not survive hammering so this tool is sure handy.

It is a really easy tool to use as shown by the video.  The metal finding is pierced on one side and then moved to the other for rivet or eyelet setting. What's also impressive is the ability to use the allen key and interchange the fittings for different sizes (1/16" and 3/32"), flares and adapters onto the base unit.

The tool can be used without a vice but using the latter means you can place the tool on horizontally so the rivets and eyelets don't fall out with gravity while you are trying to set them!  Check out the video which demonstrates this benefit.

If you can measure accurately and saw and make your own glass or polymer beads, then this tool will allow you to make your own custom bead cores easily as demonstrated in this video :

There is also a domed adapter and reverse flaring set which allows riveting on a curved surface like a ring or bracelet. Neat!  Watch it in action here.

Please note I have no association with the manufacturer. Do excuse me while I go off and drop less than subtle hints for my next birthday gift....

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