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Clever Beaded Shambala Bracelet Fastener Tutorial

Do you like making Shambala bracelets?  These are macrame bracelets with a distinctive knotted fastener section.  I previously featured a great tip to eliminate the need to make the extra knotted section. However, Jodie Marshall's clever beaded fastener tip and tutorial is another worthy alternative.

Wire workers can try making a snug wire coil too!

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  1. I just checked out the link! I like making these fasteners for necklaces. I usually buy a charm and then buy the cord separately, but I like to be able to adjust the length of the necklace depending on what I'm wearing. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Great idea! This opens up a whole new place for the beaded bead in ANY type of stitch. Thank you for sharing this!!!


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