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Wire wrapped prong rings are advanced wire wrapping techniques.  But I came across this neat wire prong set crystal ring video tutorial by Wyatt White which is easier to accomplish. It is for a cocktail style ring so you've got to like large!

Notice he uses square wire.  This is cool especially if you wish to band or wire wrap them together at the bottom of the ring.   The prongs are not flush either.  It is probably easier to do it his way and the helps hold the stone better.  But I think I might experiment with making shorter and flush to the crystal and see if it works.....

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  1. great tutorial and new pattern. Clients always ask for cocktail rings but often wire ones like this catch loose thread on clothes( saree/stole ends)or even hair( if they happen to run their hand through the hair) and it becomes a mess, how to avoid that, any ideas

  2. There is always a risk of prongs and wire work catching on hair and clothing. The prongs have to be really flush with no gaps. and wire ends have to be well tucked in.

    Having said that, busy cocktail rings do have a higher snag rate simply because there is more snaggy opportunities.

    Try beaded cocktail rings which have no wire.


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