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Gorgeous Beaded Vessels by Eva Maria Keiser

Eva Maria Keiser is a wonderful bead artist who is truly passionate about her chosen art form.  She said rather poetically, "Beadwork allows me to remember, to forget, to forgive, and to have a universal voice." Shown here are some designs from her drop dead gorgeous beaded vessel collection.


Eva grew up in Austria but now lives in the US.  She has been working with a needle since she was 5 although she didn't get into beading until much later in life.  She initially wanted to create a needlework picture of her mother-in-law's house as a memento after the latter moved out following the passing of her husband. 

She explained what happened next, "On the way to purchase canvas and threads, a new storefront piqued my curiosity. Yes, it was a bead store and within a couple of hours, and many dollars later, assortments of beads and "How To" books came home with me. Needless to say the beads took over the project."

That introduction to a new medium changed Eva's life.   It is now not only her all consuming passion but also her vocation.  Her slogan is "When I am not sleeping, I am beading!"  Her greatest frustration is not being able to bead 24-7!

Eva says a great many things inspire her including architecture. That is evident in her sculptural and highly detailed style.  She shares some awesome beaded ball tutorials on her blog.

Eva hopes her interpretations will inspire and bring joy to others as well.  They do indeed! 

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  1. Beautiful and incredibly intricate beaded creations. Thank you for sharing Eva's work !

  2. how gorgeous- little beads seem to turn into priceless artefacts in her hands

  3. Her work is indeed bead art in the highest form!

  4. Thank you Pearl for the wonderful feature of my bead art. I am honored to be selected for your super publication.
    -Eva Maria

  5. I don't do needlework of any kind and it always fascinates me how people go about forming such elaborate constructions. I had a look at her blog and see that when she's not beading she's writing her tutorials and posting them at times like 1am or 5:30am.

    I love how her mind can translate what she imagines not only into her fingers but again onto paper for the rest of those who can understand it to follow.

    A truly amazing woman!

  6. Thank Divya and aims for your thoughts and support :)
    -Eva Maria


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