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How to Make a Wire Map Pendant Tutorial

State map pendants have been popular for a while.  Very likely because celebrities have been spotted wearing them.  You can make your own out of wire.  See how Julieta of VJuliet does it.

I am guessing she used 20G wire.  Remember to work harden (set the shape) by hammering lightly with a nylon hammer.  If you want to get a flattened look, go ahead and hammer with something stronger like a chasing hammer.

One extra touch you can add is to wire wrap one bead somewhere to add a touch of color.  I discovered previously that 6 Canadian provinces actually have a symbolic gemstone.  So if I were to make an Ontario map pendant, I would definitely add an amethyst bead.

Not every US state has symbolic mineral, rock or gemstone.  Here is a great list to check out whether your state has any.  Any Californian for example can add something gold for the "Golden state".

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  1. Cute idea and thanks for reminding people to harden their wire!!! :-)

    Just an aside: you may not know it, but CA is not called the 'Golden State' because of the gold rush - it is called that because many, many of the hillsides covered with grass the state is famous for turn a golden color. If you are really high up in any of the mountains, you look out over those rolling hills - they seem like a vast and magnificent lush golden carpet. :-)
    But that said, I could go for a gold nugget or two in a piece of jewelry.... LOL

  2. Thanks Perri for mentioning that. I checked up on it and there are two possible reasons why California is called the Golden State - because of the strong historical association with gold and the golden poppy which grows abundantly.

    Coincidentally, I have been watching the excellent PBS documentary on Netflix about the American West. Before 1848, there really weren't many people in the state even after it joined the US. It was the gold rush that brought hordes of people who eventually settled there.

  3. Great information, thanks! :)


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