Magnetic clasps are fantastic because it takes the hassle out of fastening.  I made a number of necklaces for my elderly mother-in-law using these clasps as she could no longer manage regular clasps.  But some of the basic ones aren't very pretty. If you agree, then check out this tutorial from Bijou Beads  (Update : the link no longer works) on how to bead weave and cover magnetic clasps.

The tutorial is in Russian.  Please use Google Translate to convert the page to English. The translation is not great but it is enough to let you have a go!

I've seen bracelets finished with magnetic clasps.  It's a recipe for disaster unless you also add a safety chain!  Also take care of jewelry with magnetic clasps.  Magnets can lose their power from mechanical shocks. So don't drop them!

The strongest magnets are permanent neodymium magnets. I have seen jewelry clasps made from this rare earth magnet.  Pricey but powerful. Just be aware of the some of the issues should you be tempted to get them.  The strong magnetic field can interfere with credit cards and other electronic devices.  They must be kept away from small children who might swallow them.

Update :  Please see this tutorial post on How to Bead a Peyote Tube to Cover Magnetic Clasps

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