Eszter Imre was born in Hungary but now lives in Sweden.  She is a ceramic artist and designer who came up with Table Wear, her unusual collection of hand made porcelain jewelry. 

Her grandmother collected luxury porcelain table wear. Eszter said, "As a kid I could never understand why she had all those cups and plates but never used them. When I, as a teenager, was exposed to porcelain as a material for making art and sculptures, I realized just how much I actually appreciated the delicate details and craftsmanship of my grandmother's porcelain after all."

That early exposure to beautiful heirloom table wear inspired her to create her jewelry line.  She adds, "With the transformation from tableware into jewellery I hope to bring the beauty and details of these classical collectibles and heirlooms closer to the body, closer to the soul, and out into the world."

Her handmade creations are divided into different themes - 'Handle it', the 'Rim', the 'Cross cut' and  'Everyday porcelain'. They were created at the Herend Porcelain Manufacture Zrt in Hungary.  What Eszter did was adapt their molds and stayed true with their distinctive style of hand painted patterns.  

Here is a peek at the artisan at work :

Check out her Behance page for more pictures of her collection.

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