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How to Make Beaded Pterodactyls and Dinosaurs

Beading is such a creative art form.  It can be used for so many designs.  So rather than the more common butterflies, flowers, dragonflies, how about some prehistoric creatures?  Russian beader, Svetlana shared her awesome beaded pterodactyl designs over on Biserok.  You will have to use an online translator to help you decipher the brick stitch instructions. They would make fabulous and unusual statement earrings with the addition of appropriate beaded loops for hanging.

Pterodactyls (a type of pterosaur) were winged reptiles which lived during the time of the dinosaurs (230-65 million years ago) but were not dinosaurs.  Nor were they the ancestors of modern birds.

Svetlana's design on the right reminds me of the Archaeopteryx, an ancient species considered a transitional link between dinosaurs and birds because of the feather imprints found with the fossils.

I also liked this adorable dinosaur charm tutorial from a Japanese site called Parts Club.  Japanese tutorials are very different from what we are used to. There are very few written instructions - just large diagrams showing the beading pathways.  You cannot use a translator for these images.  So please have a good long look and you will eventually fathom things out.

Less adorable perhaps, but the spinosaurus and torosaurus beaded designs over on the Russian site, Biser are just as cool.The instructions are again in the form of diagrams and kind of blur. However, the RAW technique is similar to the making of popular beaded animals so it is not hard to figure things out.

The spinosaurus looks so innocuous as a beaded specimen. But in reality, it was a fearsome and huge  dinosaur - probably the biggest carnivorous predator, even larger than Tyrannosaurus Rex.   Watch this BBC Planet Dinosaur presentation of a spinosaurus fishing for giant 8 meter long fresh water fish called Onchopristis.

By comparison, the torosaurus was a gentler creature being vegetarian.  Paleontologists think the torosaurus may be a juvenile form of the more familiar triceratops.

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  1. I'll have to check out the tutorials. These beaded mini-dinos are adorable and would also make for some very cute key fobs, which I think guys would appreciate.

  2. Love the look of those pterodactyls! And it makes me feel quite nostalgic as I used to be very fond of dinos as a kid. Had loads of plastic ones and stickers and fridge magnets and porcelain ones and even a big godzilla-type of dino. Had three interests as a kid: space, dinosaurs and native americans -- and I loved to write so my stories did include one of "space indians" on a planet with dinosaurs (!)

  3. Yes, they are perfect for little ones! Makes perfect sense why you are so creative Maneki - very imaginative!


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