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We are at the beginning of a huge influx of high tech jewelry.  While many wearable tech gadgets are useful, most fall short in looks.  That's what  Deepa Sood, who made her own jewelry, thought. So she developed, sought funding and launched CUFF, a GPS enabled line of personal security jewelry.  Cuff is all about "personal security without sacrificing style."

With just a squeeze or tap, the jewelry allows you to send out alerts and information about your whereabouts to anybody in your protective circle. As you can see from the video, the main tech part is a small grey rectangular chip called a Cufflinc which can be removed and placed in any of the cuffs, bracelets, pendants and key chains (ranging from $50 to $150).  There is a choice of materials - leather, silicone and metal.

It's a lot more chic than the old style alerts your grandmother might wear and with a wider range too - not just in and near the house. It is practical for all sorts of people, not only the elderly.  The line includes some unisex designs so anyone who is ailing but still active, women who work night shifts, children and so on can use them.

The Cufflinc does not need to be recharged and lasts for 1 year.  It syncs with the smartphone app via Bluetooth. Receivers of alerts who don't have Cuff jewelry will get a smartphone notification. The notification is persistent - it will continue until someone responds.

The Cuff collection will be available in Fall 2014 although the company is currently accepting pre-orders. So far, CUFF connects with iOS devices only.


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  1. sounds a lot like the 'with you' app but more stylish. The only problem with these is that they work only in relation to smart phones, that too with internet, not everybody has it running all the time

  2. From what I understand, not if the receiver also wears a CUFF jewelry. They will get an alert regardless.

  3. In theory, it could sound good for "protection". But by the time someone would be alerted, the mugger could be far gone. And can it be set off if someone bumps it? I see it as a way for big brother to monitor everyone's whereabouts at all times. Wouldn't surprise me to see them require people to wear it after they modified it to broadcast 24-7.

  4. Either way - I'm glad to see jeweller's - entrepreneurs - thinking outside the box!

    With the help of 'Kickstart' and others, I think people with a vision can help the rest of us see the amazing possibilities out there in this wonderful art we all love and are addicted to.

    Bravo! to CUFF!!

  5. I think the greatest benefit would be the replacement of the old technology, the kind elderly people use. So if an otherwise active person is ailing, he or she can summon help.

    Or heaven forbid, an abduction situation.


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