As many of you know, Judy teaches jewelry making and shares her PDFs here for all to enjoy.  Her wire work Leftover Madness Bead necklace tutorial is her latest share. It's not just a great tutorial for odd beads but it manages to include a couple more ideas. 

See those two wire wrapped beaded discs on either side of the focal?  Those are the designer hook clasps from her previous tutorial.  Having clasps in the front makes it so easy to fasten or unfasten a necklace.  Having two is luxury!

The "chain" is a portion of Viking knit.  Judy's comprehensive Viking knit bracelet instructions are separate - they can be found here.

 If you wish to download the PDF, please click on either of the links.  You probably would have to join Scribd or Slideshare (both are free) to do so. If you have trouble with strange messages about payment with Scribd (I think those are related to their book reading service), please use Slideshare.

Leftover MadnessBead Necklace  (Slideshare)

Leftover madness Bead Necklace (Scribd)

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