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Lovely Shrink Plastic Flower and Leaves Jewelry Tutorial

Maybe you won't be buying lucite flowers and leaves after you see Cathe Holden's shrink plastic tutorial! It's on her blog Just Something I Made.  I like the way she forms the flowers.

Shrink plastic is a very versatile material which will allow you to make many things quickly.  As Cathe said, you can use different colors and shapes.  Experiment!  Just remember the shapes will shrink down to about 1/3 their original size after baking.

Hat Tip to Angie Martin on Facebook.

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  1. Thanks Pearl for sharing this! Looks like a fun project :)

  2. Thanks so much for linking to my project, I'd forgotten how much fun these flowers are to make! I might just have to create a workshop around this at!

  3. Thank YOU, Cathe for the inspirational tutorial and for showing all of us how versatile this acrylic plastic product is.


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