Planning a vacation soon?  Then you'd probably be taking your jewelry with you.  After all,  you want to look your best and show off your craft.  This pill organizer tip from Real Simple is the most compact idea I have ever seen.  One I would definitely use myself.

You can get these inexpensive plastic organizers from the dollar store.  But rather than use the small one shown in the tip, get the largest one you can. As you can see from the one I got (above), it is big enough to take earrings even small chandeliers, rings, some bracelets and necklaces.

Use cotton wool to pad delicate items.  If you use a makeup remover pad as I did for the pearl earrings above, you'd be able to layer more than one pair of earrings in the same compartment.  The pad serves as a little tray.

Consider small pieces of anti-tarnish cloth if you're thinking of using this idea to keep a whole bunch of jewelry neatly organized in a drawer.  Perhaps one organizer per color?

You're out of luck with bangles and larger pieces. But you could put those into simple cloth zip purses.  Want more style?  Then make your own - see links below.

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