Apologies to Tolkien but the Ring by Logbar is a ring to "shortcut everything" in our modern lives.  It is a wearable input device which in essence is the "wand" which will indeed turn the light on without having to chant the "Lumos" spell like Hermione Granger.

The Ring can do much more than that. A whole new level of home automation at the very least.   It allows the wearer to gesture control household appliances and with the associated app on smartphones, text and even make payments by simply "writing in the air"!   There are LED and vibrational alerts too.

Would people really want this?  Evidently they do as this Kickstarter project (click through for the nifty video) recently achieved 3 times its funding goal well before the campaign ended. Mass production will begin shortly and shipment is expected to start in the summer.

The Ring works with Bluetooth to connect to smart devices.  Other signals such as WiFi can be used as the smartphone can double up as a hub to send them.

The inventor, a Japanese programmer called Takuro Yoshida, and his team found that "the hardest part in the Ring's development process was the programming algorithm for gesture recognition - most of our time was spent devising how to develop the software needed to recognize gestures on the Ring device, while reducing power consumption and improving efficiency."  The company is also opening up the API for other developers.

The Ring progressively got smaller and more efficient as the development process went along. There are 6 different ring sizes available in silver. Even the smallest looks on the chunky side but a lot more workable than a wand!

Alas, the Ring does not control unruly children and pets.  You're on your own there!

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