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How to Make Different Shaped Beaded Bezels Tutorials

Sidonia Petki is an Italian beader who has a number of lovely beading tutorials on Youtube. She is particularly adept at beaded bezels which can be made into rings and pendants.  I have selected 3 of them which shows how to tackle different shaped crystal cabochons....Swaroski naturally!

The first tutorial for a ring is my favorite.  That's because Sidonia made a 12 mm round rivoli into a square!  I really liked the use of 2 different sized bicones at each corner. The material lists for her tutorials are in the About section once you click through.

The beautiful oval beaded bezel around a 30x 22 mm Swarovski crystal cabochon was designed specially for a ring.  The tutorial for this ring's band is here.  But I don't see why you cannot convert it to a pendant if statement rings are not your style.

Sidonia also designed and created the bezel tutorial for a rectangular (27 x 18.5 mm) cabochon. The backs of all her designs are just as lovely to behold as the fronts!

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  1. These bezels would look great with my mandalas! Maybe some day....

  2. Thank you very much!:-)

  3. Sidonia's beaded bezels are gorgeous. I looked briefly at her 3 tutorials, as each was over 1/2 an hour long and one was over 3/4 of an hour,I decided to return to view them later when I have time to enjoy them. :)

  4. Still the beautiful jewelry from you!!!

  5. Pearl your posts are perfect timing. I am just embellishing a bezeled cabazon. This gives me some ideas. Much appreciated.

    1. Glad to hear these jumpstarted your creative mind!!


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