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How to Make Glue Gun Beads and Earrings

Super invention, glue guns.  Did you know you can make faux enamel beads with them?  I certainly didn't until I came across Aki of Minted Strawberry's Candy Dot stud earrings tutorial. What a clever idea!  She forms the glue gun beads right on top of the glue-on style stud findings.

She had to experiment on what worked best for that enamel look. Melting plastic beads is not a good idea because of the fumes.  Nail polish worked for her.

But Aki also mentioned another crafter whose post on glue gun beads first inspired her. Agustina of Agusyornet shows how to rotate the glue gun nozzle to create the beads.  She colored the bottom of the beads with acrylic paint after they dried. This gave a translucent look to the beads.

It looks like she created the beads on a marble counter top.  Waxed paper might work too.  Game to try?

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  1. Augustina's dots look like yummy, colourful sweets! Would almost be tempted to eat one...

    Glue guns are too messy for me, but people seem to be able to have a lot of fun with them, especially when not using it for actually gluing things.

    (Don't remember if you've covered it, but I seem to remember reading about how to make scrappers' dots in a similar way too.)


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