Some artisans display their passion for jewelry making remarkably well.  Sarah Thompson of Sarahndippity is a wonderful example.  Her wire woven jewelry is drop dead gorgeous. Her ability to not only weave the wire but layer it in a flowing sculptural manner is so inspiring.

Ruffles and Lace Necklace with Fine Silver and Swarvovski Crystals

She uses fine, sterling and argentium silver, gemstones and Swarovski crystals for her meticulous wire work.  Sarah also uses some metal working techniques like hammering and balling with a torch.

Mina Necklace : Raspberry Pink Topaz ,Pink Sapphire and Fine Silver

Sarah says, "I am often asked what my style is, or what style am I trying to create. I really can't tell you. For me it just is what it is. This is what I do, and how I express myself. This creativity is a natural extension of who I am and how I see the world."

Woven Orbit Bracelet - Argentium Silver, Gemstone Beads
Everything about her work is outstanding...including her photography.  Doubly inspiring!

Andromeda Necklace : Vitrail Swarovski Crystal, Fine Silver

Ruffles and Lace Earrings : Fine Silver, Sterling Silver Beads

Fallen Necklace - Almandine Garnet, Black Diamond, Fine Silver

Woven Fine Silver Bracelet

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