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How to Make a Macrame Bezel for a Cabochon

Let's see  - we've covered wire and beadwork bezels before.  Now for macrame!  The tutorial is by Russian artisan, Anastasia over on

Firstly, it is in Russian so you will need to use Google Translate to read it in English.  Sort of. The online translators are not quite up to snuff but it is doable.

Secondly, the tutorial covers how to macrame just the bezel portion.  What you do with the 4 strands at the end and the rest of the necklace is up to you.  So I'd say this is not a beginner level project!

 Hat tip to Laury Vaden on Pinterest

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  1. I do like the look she has created by using the macramé bezel. This would certainly look lovely with casual cord necklaces, whereas the fancy beaded bezels some times look too dressy.
    But the Russian text does look daunting to an English speaker like myself. :D

  2. I could help with translation about the ends :) "The ends of the parallel cords should be threaded with a needle through 2-3 knots to the left and right sides of the finishing knots, they will be used later. The short ends should be threaded to the back, cut to 3-5 mm and burnt". In the comments, she promised a second tutorial but I couldn't find it, she didn't do it, I guess. And here is her store

  3. Thanks so much for your input and for the link to her store! Invaluable!


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