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Quick and Easy Studded Bangles Makeover Tutorial

I must really dig out some old thin bangles I have.  They are so, meh.  But if I can get hold of some studs in different styles, I might just be able to give them a makeover and create a more trendy look.  The idea comes from Misty Spinney over at Brit + Co.

The studs come in different sizes and can be used to quickly embellish single bangles or groups of them up to 3.  Love how she mixes them up with other bangles!

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  1. nice and quick - buts studs like these are so hard to find here

  2. Here too! The only recourse is to order them online and in your case from abroad.

  3. It's a cute and clever idea.

    I used to see these type of studs in fabric shops, they were used to embellish jean type jackets and clothing. I'll have to take a trip to JoAnn's fabrics and see if they still carry them.


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