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How to Use Wire Banding Pliers to Help Wire Wrap a Cabochon

Got a bucket list of useful tools to get?  Sure you do!  I have one too.  The nifty wire banding pliers is now on it.  This set of pliers is designed to double over a half round wire in just the right dimension to fit a group of square wires.

Wire Banding Pliers
Anyone making wire bezels will recognize the half round wire bands placed at strategic places around the cabochon is sometimes really tricky to get started right. The bottom of the U shaped bend has to fit snugly against the square wire bundles.  I use the very tip of my chain nose pliers to make that first bend.  It's not really a square bend because my chain nose plier tips aren't square. So sometimes the first wrap is not as snug as I like.

So I was intrigued to see Wyatt White's video tutorial of how to wire wrap a cabochon using fancy square wire.  He shows how he uses a wire banding pliers to make that square bend properly and fit whatever gauge the square wire bundle is. This tool just makes banding so much easier and faster.

I have no association with Beadaholique except as an occasional customer. I do however appreciate any tool which removes wire working frustration!
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  1. Wow,such neat wraps. I get frustrated whenever I try to do banding.PS love your disclosure in the end :)

  2. Another useful tool I learned about from your blog. Even if I don't need one yet, I collect this information in a little corner of my brain to use later. This is how I got to know about the split ring pliers and when I got one and showed to my co-workers, all engineers (except for me), neither had even heard about it. They asked me why I needed pliers for something I could do using my fingernails? There are some things that even engineers don't understand :)

  3. That first bend is the most awkward to do right so this tool is handy.

    Bairozan, obviously those engineers don't really care about broken nails! Haha.

  4. Having the proper tools can make all the difference in the world.


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