It's been a while since I wrote 5 Reasons Why Online Jewelry Sales are Slow and they still hold true today.  Indeed it is a perennial complaint. Some things you cannot change like the seasonal aspect.  But some things you can.

It is unproductive to just complain Etsy or whatever selling site has too many jewelry artisans or doesn't bring enough traffic or whatever. That is just a passive reaction. The point is to do something about it. Critically review your own store, designs and take action. You do have to work at getting the sales.

Social Media Promotion
You HAVE to promote your business otherwise nobody will know you have one!  Social media is the way to go these days.  So open up  Facebook Page, Twitter and Pinterest accounts if you don't already have them. If you do, work on ways to get more followers and engagement.  Use Hootsuite or Buffer to help you manage your time.

If you do a lot of smartphone photography, Instagram might also suit you.  Maybe try blogging.  Tumblr is probably the easiest to use  other than Wordpress and Google Blogger.

Great Photography
Once you get eyeballs on your store, don't let them move on because your jewelry photographs are blur, dull or generally poor! A great photograph will encourage viewers to click through to look at the item in closer detail and perhaps buy.

I review large numbers of designers every year and regretfully have to pass up featuring many because the photography just didn't do any justice to the designs.  This is the one thing I have worked hard at for my own store - learning how to take better pictures and presenting the pieces in the best light.

My Kinetic Floral Crystal Earrings

Be Different
If you go for a wander on Etsy or any other selling site, there is generally a sea of sameness to the jewelry designs. Many of the inspirational designers I feature on my blog are highly successful even in a crowded field. Why? Their designs are so very different - so much so they stand out. Some also do well in a particular niche where there is less competition. They know their target market.

Making something outstanding or unusual also improves your chances of being featured on blogs, magazines and so on. That promotion thing again!

Branding is all about who you are and what you do. So make sure you pick a good shop name -  a unique and maybe memorable one.  That would be what you will consistently use everywhere.  A distinctive style of jewelry designs or even the look of the online store all contribute to your brand.

Active Store
Just as we don't like to see a poorly stocked physical store, low listings on an online one don't really attract because there aren't any choices.  Aim for 100 items if you can. That number also means items will be listed or relisted  at regular intervals and improve the chances of someone spotting a design on the selling site's front page.  If your selling site has listings which never expire, then rotate your stock.

Need more ideas on what to do? Check out this comprehensive list on 50 Reasons You're Not Getting Etsy Sales (and how to fix them) by Megan Peterson.

Would you agree that we all (including me) have our work cut out for us?

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