Ropes and cords are one way to make a project go fast!  The wide range of thicknesses and colors available today means you can make some stunning ones. This basket weave cuff tutorial is by reader George Hutchinson over on his Knot and Fiber Bracelets blog.

Note that a fairly rigid rope or cord is used so the cuff maintains its shape. Leather might work too. I really like George's tip to use a section of pvc pipe as the mandrel.  If you had a choice of white or black go with the white as working on a black one is the pits.

One thing I haven't tried is using a thread zapper to seal the ends of paracord. Might be more laborious than using an open flame from a lighter but then you don't risk burning the work!

If you rather someone else make knotted and woven fiber bracelets, check out the designs in George's nautical rope and fiber store - WhatKnotShop.

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