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12 Strand Kumihimo Bracelet Tutorial with Round Disc

It is good to practice a technique like 8 strand kumihimo bracelet repeatedly.  Practice does make perfect as the ability to keep an even tension improves.  But there is another benefit.  After a while, greater understanding of how the braiding happens develops and that gives confidence to try something new.

That's what happened to Allison Murray of Dream a Little Bigger.  She became accomplished in the 8 strand style and moved on to a 12 strand kumihimo bracelet. I love how she chose the color pattern such that a distinct spiral is displayed.

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  1. Good Morning, Pearl,

    I was excited to see an article about Kumihimo. I teach a beginning and an intermediate class in Kumihimo. It's such a fun craft with really amazing results. I also feel that the repetitive motions used to make the braid can be really relaxing. You can use just about any material (the strangest I have used is bridal tulle) and when you combine it with beads, as they did with the Wedded Bliss necklace, you are instantly the envy of your friends.

    Wayne Wiley

  2. Nice tutorial, clearly explained and very detailed.
    I've made many 8 strand Kumihimo braided ropes but have hesitated to attempt anything more complex. The look of the contrasting color spiraling around the braid is very striking and gives me the impetus to experiment with this 12 strand method.
    Thanks for another inspiring post.


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