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Quirky Polymer Clay Jewelry Designs by Tramps and Glams

I was so glad when Tramps and Glams followed me on Twitter.  That's how I got to know of their delightful store.  What they make are wonderfully quirky polymer clay designs with a huge dash of surrealism thrown in!  They are unusual alright!

The Serbian collaborators since 2008  are Miloš - the designer and Milena is in charge of marketing, photography, shipping and other less creative things.  Milena says she also enjoys suggesting characters for both mixed media and polymer clay portrait brooches.  Brooches are their staple.  This is unsurprising as these art pieces will surely make a jacket or coat much more interesting!

With all that surrealism,  one of the "characters" they do occasionally is Salvador Dali! This brooch features the king of horror shows, Vincent Price :

Miloš  has a great eye for colors, geometric shapes and a talent for putting polymer clay, wire, glass beads and even some gemstones together in unusual ways. Maybe not for everyone but those who love quirkiness will treasure these unique pieces.

"Argument" brooch

Buster Keaton Brooch

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  1. You are right - they scream - Dali one needs to be a real fashionista to wear them

  2. The pieces Tramps and Glams makes are just fabulous!!!!

  3. Thank you very much for featuring our work, Pearl!

  4. Unique and bold! Bravo to the designers!

  5. I love 'em ! So unique and very artistic, each one a statement piece in itself. Would I wear one ? You bet I would!


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