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Combination Polymer Clay and Beaded Turtle Brooch Tutorial

Don't you just love multidisciplinary projects?  It really pays to learn more than one technique.  This delightful turtle brooch tutorial by Cindy Kamide over on Bead & Button goes over how to make the polymer bead cabochons and stitching the base and bezel.  The embellishments are also included.

Isn't it fabulous?

Combining techniques is always an easy way to come up with novel designs. It will also revive flagging interests if you have lost your mojo to bead!

Before You Go:

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  1. Pearl, what a delightful brooch, the beaded turtle is cute as can be.

    I must admit the tutorial's first sentence - "Create two polymer clay cabochons" - lost me but then I thought, well, I can always purchase 2 cabs.
    Then I clicked on the first link "peyote bezel" and was taken to a page that informed me "Page Not Found". So I went back and clicked the link to "Square stitch" and found the same information "Page Not Found".

    Finally realized that I had to subscribe/register to their website in order to view the tutorial. However it's well worth it as the Bead & Button website appears to be a wealth of information.

  2. LOL! Yes, that is another option if learning polymer clay is not your forte!!

    It is worth the subscription (free) as they do occasionally share great tutorials.

  3. This is so clever and the turtle is sweet!It is certainly worth to invest in learning a new technique!


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