The dazzling irridescent plumage of peacocks always inspires.  Did you know that peahens are attracted to peacocks with more eyespots than those with fewer decorative feathers?  Well, if you want to attract some visual attention, then check out these faux peacocke feather earrings tutorials!

Bethany of Whistle and Ivy's tutorial is for those who can crochet and who love big and bold. She uses embroidery floss.

RC Rabbit shared this tutorial for smaller scaled embroidery floss peacock feather earrings over on NyanPon's blog.

Not so keen on crochet earrings?  Try the beaded earrings tutorial by Lynda Makara over on Squidoo (no longer available). The irridescent beads she uses echo the luscious colors of real peacock feathers.

Angielina Grass's beaded peacock earrings features brick stitch and dramatic beaded fringes!  She also has the tutorial for a stunning matching bracelet.

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