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How to Make a FIFA World Cup or Team Color Macrame Bracelet

Even the most sports adversed person like me cannot fail to notice the ongoing FIFA World Cup soccer games currently on in Brazil.  If you are a fan or have friends and family who are, then this wonderful macrame bracelet video tutorial by the Macrame School is for you! Isn't the soccer ball button neat?

The tutorial celebrates the 4 colors of FIFA - yellow, green, blue and white - the colors of host country's flag.

You could easily adapt this bracelet tutorial and make other country, team or school colors!

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  1. Cute idea. I'm not much of a sports person, mainly because I am so awful at sports. I do remember that when we lived in Trinidad in the West Indies, the island almost shut down during the World Cup Soccer tournaments. Didn't seem to matter what teams were competing the locals all took it very seriously.

    You know, I bet these sports themed macramé bracelets could be a hit with the guys out there. And many bead sites carry all sorts of sports themed buttons and beads such as footballs, baseballs, etc. Hmm, ideas are forming. :D


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