It's uncommon to come across a tutorial using fine chain.  This delicate design by Nicolas Tranchant over on the VivaLatina blog is elegant and will suit those who like less showy pieces.

 His construction process was also what drew my attention. Clever use of large hole beads is involved!

It is important to find beads with holes large enough to feed the chain through (the right end as shown above). The chain is crimped near the end so the beads don't fall out.

He fed the other end (left side) of the chain through large hole beads. This is so he can hide the wire ends from the wirewrapped ring which he also used to fix on to the beaded chain.

The pictures in his tutorial should make it clearer.  Nicolas is French but kindly attempted the English portion too.  He said in an email, " I speak and write English but still not sure if the translation is 100% in good english for the technical terms I am not very familiar with (this is my first english tutorial :)"

It is good enough to understand, Nicolas.  The pictures really do help!

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