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How to Make a 3D Butterfly Pendant Tutorial

What could be better than a butterfly pendant? A 3D one! This clever tutorial is by Shaunte, one of a team of crafters and bloggers over on Crafts Unleashed.

She actually uses 3 different types of paper butterflies with plenty of suggestions on how to make the designs differently.

If you can't get the memory frames, you can use wooden tiles instead.  Decoupage the background paper onto the tiles.

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  1. This is certainly a neat project!

    I remember making those decoupage paper items way back - layers and layers!

    And you could even use glass and copper foil and then flux and solder for the base....

    Such Fun!

    Thanks for coming up with this one too Pearl!

  2. I'm to try this for mother's day.(for my mom)


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