How would you like to make your own personalized message on a wooden bangle?  One that doesn't ever fade or wash off? It's possible to do so using Inkodye from Lumi. It is a revolutionary sun activated printing dye which is waterproof and weatherproof.

Jesse Genet's really cool tutorial for her Perfect Summer Bangle shows how you can transfer written words onto a wooden bangle using what they call the shadow printing process. It is somewhat like the batik making process in that the marker pen words (rather than wax) protect that part of the dyed bangle from developing the color.

Rather than words, you could also place a bit of lace on the outside of the wooden bangle which is first painted with Inkodye.  Any place the lace casts a shadow on will prevent the color on the bangle from developing.

Inkodye can also be used to make prints from photographic negatives. Inkodye will bind to absorbent material such as fabric, bamboo, leather, suede, untreated wood and unglazed ceramics.

Watch the Lumi video where one of the founders introduces Inkodye.

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