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How to Make Flattened Wire Strip and Stamped Earrings

You could take metal sheet and cut up (shears or with a jewelry saw) strips. Or you could do it the easy way and flatten a really thick piece of wire.  Margot Potter (Madge) of DIYDoyenne  shared a great tutorial on the Impressart blog on how to make long earrings by hammering 12G wire into submission! She also stamped numbers onto the strips.  (Update : Picture only, link no longer available).

You really ought to see the brass hammer used!  Now that is the way to get some weight behind the blows.  Great way to take out the day's frustrations and get a piece of jewelry made at the same time!

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  1. I like the textural affect achieved with hammering - it creates a very rustic, artisan quality which gives interest to a piece.
    Recently I got an email from Beading Daily, advertising one of their videos in which metal tubing is featured in the making of jewelry. The pieces they showed were most intriguing and I really liked the dimension the tubing gave to the pieces - though in some cases the tubing was flattened completely to form bracelets and links. Hmm, sounds like I probably should invest in that video.:)


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