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Hand Cut Mosaic Jewelry by Angela Ibbs Designs

Angela Ibbs is a UK artist who specializes in contemporary mosaics.  Her background as a textile designer means she has a strong affinity for colors and textures.  She makes larger pieces but her mosaic jewelry collection is also a standout.

She said, For me mosaic, as a medium, is an exploration of choice and selection to create an effective and durable solution, through picking, cutting, laying and combining materials. The art form also reacts with its environment through the reflection of light giving an extra fascination."

Her distinctive style of assembling mosaics and combining them with other materials is refreshingly different.  It shows her talent for picking just the right placement, shapes and hues to create memorable designs.  Very inspirational!

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  1. These are gorgeous, thanks for sharing!

  2. Really pretty and unique. I'll be remembering her name for birthday presents!

  3. What I find amazing is how small the mosaics are!

  4. They are so sweet and very unique. She does have an incredible talent, each design is a tiny, artistic masterpiece.

  5. really pretty mosaic work - lovely jewellery


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