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How to Make a Focal Macrame Ring Tutorial

Love statement rings AND macrame?  Then this one may well be for you.  Lubcho Macrame shared her awesome macrame ring video tutorial over on Youtube.  It is basically a macrame ring shank on either side of a gemstone focal.

It's well worth watching.   It doesn't look that difficult. The only issue is how many cords to start with.  That will depend on the size of the focal you use.  Add enough cord lengths on the foundation cord until you reach the half way point between the bead holes. Does this make sense?

Note she used a 1 mm waxed polyester cord/thread.

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  1. If they can do cord -- why don't they do silver!??????????????????????

  2. Do you mean macrame using silver wire?

  3. Why not?

    28 gauge? (I'm thinking that because of more ease to work with) ... ... I'm not that good, but if they can do cord, just imagine the beauty in silver!!!!

  4. The ring is lovely and looks like it would be comfortable to wear.

    However, like one of the comments on the video stated, I too wish she had used a lighter color cord as it was hard to see what was being done with the black cord against that dark blue-purple background. Part way through the video I had to give up as I had no idea what was being done. Also some of the video captions seemed incomplete - I'd wait for the next half and there was nothing further, which left me puzzled.


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