Resin bracelets have that certain retro look about them which makes them fun to wear.  They are relatively easy to make.  Being able to all kinds of things in them is also a huge bonus.  Some artisans embed pretty flowers and leaves.  But I really like Allison of Dream a Little Bigger's resin bangle tutorial which uses gold leaf flecks for a luxurious look!

She used a plastic resin mold.  Silicon molds (either bought ready made or make your own)  are another option - they are more flexible and don't need a release agent.  If you hate struggling like Allison did with getting the hardened piece out of the mold, try using a mold release agent (available from resin jewelry suppliers). Using the agent also extends the life of the mold because you won't be repeatedly manhandling the mold.

Inevitably, there are rough edges so the resin bangle has to be finished. Allison demonstrated a great tip for sanding the piece. She used wet-dry sandpaper under water. She was thus able to contain the dust safely.  She used fine sandpaper which would be in the range of 600, 800, 1000 grits or higher if you can get them.

Allison just smoothed out the rough edges.  If you prefer more rounded edges, then try starting with coarser grade sandpaper around 80-100, 120-150, 400 and work your way through to the finer grits.

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