Shells are wonderful for making jewelry.  They could be those you collect from the seaside or bought ones.  Here are a couple of very different ideas to make shells pop!  Rather than leaving the shells in their natural state, consider using metallic spray.  Erica over on Honestly..WTF created her shell earrings by doing just that.

What is so interesting about her construction is how she glued an eyepin to the long part of this particular type of shell. If you are using other shapes of sea shell and need to drill a hole, remember to place the shell underwater in a shallow container so the dust doesn't get everywhere. Not good to breathe it in, by the way.

Too easy for you?  Or your artistic side is fit to burst?  Then try painting miniature artwork on plain mother of pearl shell discs. Check out the  hand painted butterfly earrings tutorial by Jamie Estelle over on her blog.

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