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How to Make a Pretty Polymer Clay Flower Bead Tutorial

I've seen many very pretty polymer clay flowers but this tutorial by Marie Segal is particularly fetching.  The instructions are for making blossoms with neat striations on each petal. The thin polymer clay slices from the formed cane are then used to adorn beads.

The layering and overlapping of these blossoms on the main polymer clay beads was all the more stunning with the clever choices of colors.

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  1. So THAT's how it's done ! I've always wondered. Like most fine crafts it appears to be time intensive but the finished project is fantastic . . . no it's even better than fantastic, it's fantabulous!

  2. Thanks for sharing Marie's tutorial, Pearl :) Even though I read lots of PC blogs, I always manage to miss some great designs :)

  3. I probably have missed a whole ton of great polymer clay tutorials. That creative community is full of great ideas!!


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