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Winner of Yoola Design's $59 Wire Knit Crochet Flower Earrings Kit and Tutorial Giveaway

Both Yael and I were delighted with the numerous comments for last week's giveaway for her Wire Knit Crochet Flower Earrings kit and tutorial giveaway.   Many thanks! So many of you were impressed with her designs.

Those of you who have tried wire crochet agreed getting even stitches is hard without a loom.  Michelle Bolton shared her previous frustration and said, "Tried the traditional way with my own template of wood and nails, not sure where the recaltrant thing went but this one I would NOT lose..."  This prompted aims to write, "I just read Michelle's comment and had to laugh - I've had trouble with my own spool wire knitting - the wire breaking deep inside the spool - words being spoken that shouldn't have been spoken - ahem."

Susanna, with much chagrin wrote, "Since I couldn't win anything if there was only two people entered, you piqued my interest in Yael's method enough that I put an order in myself. Now, I just need to win the time to try it! Your blog is becoming very expensive, Pearl."  LOL!!

Well, much as I wish some readers could win, I do not determine who does.  That task belongs to the heartless random number generator over on I numbered all the eligible entries and got it to pick the winning number.  That number belonged to slkunze!  Congratulations!
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  1. Congratulations, I hope you'll have more giveaways in the future of this same item because I want it :)

  2. slkunze !
    congratulations on your win :)
    Your kit will leave your way in no time :)
    enjoy and keep me posted with the results...
    Yael aka Yoola

  3. Mile men- we are absolutely planning another Yoola Design giveaway sometime in the near future! So keep your eye out for it!

  4. I am in hong kong and dying to have awesome yoola kit...but missed the chance that day my network did not work and i could not submit . I am keeping an eye on free giveaway in the future. Please do it quickly. My email is .

  5. It will be sometime in 2015 - that is all I can say at this moment. So patience!

  6. Thnx a lot....still its veryyyyy far...:0(((


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