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How to Make Stamped Coin Charms from Pennies

I never would have thought to stamp pennies!  But this great stamped coin charm by Kelsey over on the Loose Ends blog is a winner.

She suggested using the charm as a key fob as well as for a pendant.  I love how she chose certain phrases which are suitable for Dads and Grads.

This tutorial might be tricky for Canadians as the copper pennies are no longer in circulation.  It didn't make any sense as it cost more to make them than they were worth.  So maybe try it with souvenir coins from other nations?

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  1. As worthless as a penny may seem, they are still government property. I doubt they will coming looking for you, but punching holes in coins and stamping on them is considered defacing government property.

  2. That's been said many times but I agree, they aren't going to come after anyone. Once done, these are no longer legal tender either.

  3. Oh my. We were just in a national park where they had one of those machines that you could flatten a coin. The gall of the government for encouraging civil disobedience. LOL Actually I finally know what to do with all of those pennies I have been throwing in a jar because I refuse to carry them around in my pocket. I just realized that I actually picked one up off the parking lot the other day. My wife has always said.. well, never mind what she has said.

    Wayne Wiley

  4. I've stamped and hammered - pickled and even used alcohol inks on Canadian pennies once they were taken out of circulation.

    I'm not sure what you mean about it not being worth it Pearl.

    They are a lot of fun to work with and look fabulous on copper chain once you are finished with them.

    Copper is copper - I'm all for using it for whatever I can think of.

    If the government wants to hunt me down for a simple bracelet or a pair of earrings - that does seem a bit extreme and a waste of time for them.

  5. Thanks for reminding me Wayne! I read about the coin flattening machine before. I don`t think anyone is going to actually forbid the use of making pretty things with coins. The objection would be if it was malicious and disrespectful.

    LOL! I would love to know what your wife said! You could have told her it was going to be your lucky penny.

  6. Aims, the Federal government spends more than 1 cent to make every penny. That`s why it wasn`t worth making the pennies any more and why they got taken out of circulation.

    I wish I had saved those pennies before they disappeared!


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