It`s been 4 years since I wrote about one of the first 3D printed jewelry designers to use the new technology. More and more designers are now gravitating to the field as costs are dropping and the equipment becomes more widespread.  This is one of the reasons why Etsy had to change their policies not so long ago as `handmade` had to be redefined to include them. These designers are still using their heads, hearts and hands but their hands are now on computer keyboards.

Quark Pendant from Mixee Lab

Amazon has joined the fray and opened a new 3D Printed marketplace where customers can not only shop but personalize in varying ways, what they choose. As each item is created only on demand, there is no production waste.

Shown here are some examples. The above design is a laser sintered nylon plastic 'Create Your Own' 3D Printed Quark Pendant,  It was inspired by the sub-atomic particles. What's cool is the interactive personalization widget which you can use to modify the shape of your jewelry and create a unique work of art.

The 3D Printed Elongated Honeycomb Ring in bronze infused stainless steel is available in 4 different sizes.
Honeycomb Stainless Steel ring from Archetype Z Studio

`Constructionist Geometric Bangle by MCODE Jewelry

The above 3D Printed bracelet in purple nylon  is typically contemporary in design. But there are others with a modern take on older design elements like the 3D Printed Cameo Medal Pendant below which comes in a variety of colors - not just black :

Cameo Medal Pendant by Sculpteo
The technique requires different types of software - one to design the jewelry and the other which operates the 3D printer or laser cutter.  There is even now a smartphone app to capture any object in 3D.  Still needs additional software to clean up the scan before it can be 3D printed though. Artisans who do not have their own equipment can send their designs to services such as Ponoko and Shapeways to have them made up.

3D printing is going to have a HUGE impact in our lives - not just jewelry. People are now using it to make replacement parts for equipment which they cannot get otherwise.  In the future, doctors may well be fabricating parts for you!  Watch this excellent PBS video entitled Will 3D Printing Change the World?  The answer is YES!!

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